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Swamped with work and responsibilities, and living in a fast-paced commercial world, we know all too well that sleep takes a step back in our list of priorities.

But despite our untiring affinity for picking our social lives over slumber, and later relying on unhealthy levels of caffeine and sugar to stay awake, two men are making waves in the sleep world to remind us yuppies of the importance of good sleep to good health.

“We’re focusing on ourselves – the younger professionals. Until now, sleep was an old-people thing, something you only cared about when you had a back problem or if it was a health concern. That’s something I wanted to turn around – to educate people sooner of how important good sleep is to the general quality of your life.”

Hear hear, Vincent Brass. This French-German entrepreneur and fashion designer, with years of experience up his sleeves, together with co-founder Frederic Boert, brings us muun, the brand that’s making the art of sleep incredibly sexy.

At muun, the saying goes that “none fits all”, highlighting their commitment to individuality, adaptability and simplicity which lies at the heart of each products’ design. With minimalist styles, and a dreamy colour scheme that pays tribute to the moon (“muun is the moon! We didn’t want an English name because we are a German company and that’s very much part of our heritage, so we just swapped the o’s for u’s,” explains Vincent), the brand is all about defining itself as a bespoke sleep-lifestyle company, and not something as basic as Ikea.

Vincent, who wishes to share his own comfortable sleeping experiences with the world, is anchored in the belief that at the heart of good sleep is the mattress, and thus focuses his time and effort on creating the best possible one. But this doesn’t mean they’re homogenised, run-of-the-mill mattresses; each one can be designed and adapted to your interpretation of perfection.

“Everybody has different sleeping habits, different bodies – there can’t be one single product that can work for everyone out there. Some people are big, some are small, some sleep on their backs, and some sleep on their sides. These differences are what are at the centre of muun’s identity. We believe that comfort is about being able to choose, and being able to make products that can adapt to your individual preferences.”

This level of flexibility extends to mattress firmness (which can vary both ends of the bed, to suit couples with different preferences), temperature regulation, thickness and height, style, and colour. It’s no wonder The Adjustable Mattress is muun’s best seller, along with the comparable and compatible Adjustable Pillow, which stars two different sides of varying firmness, and the ability to change height. While one is soft and great to snuggle into, the other side contours and provides support during sleep.

“In the end, it’s all about creating a simple product, but in the way that everyone can use it in the way that he or she wants to,” says Vincent.

It’s a blessing that this intrinsically German brand will work beautifully in the British market, as Vincent believes that German and British sleeping habits are very similar.

“Although more people in Britain like to sleep on springs, and people in Germany on foam, we all generally have very similar body types and sleeping preferences when it comes to firmness. We use foam in our mattresses because we’ve tested it a lot and we believe this is the most comfortable and sustainable solution, and so I think the product we have here in Germany will work in Britain as well,” he claims, also pointing out that we can, after all, modify the products to make it as personalised as we please.

But muun takes us a step further by teaching us the importance of investing in good quality items for the sake of a much deserved night’s worth of rest.

“Like women often do with cosmetics, they start young and grow and learn with it. We want people to do the same with muun. Most people keep their mattresses for at least 10 years – it’s an investment. We do have an extremely high commitment to quality, which is why our products are not cheap. But we don’t want them to be cheap, because if there’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and something that should be invested in, it should be sleep,” explains Vincent.

And with the brand expanding to new, more courageous colours on their upholstery, muun is on the move forward to offer even more designs and ranges to their customers. “We want our products to be statement pieces at home,” says Vincent, mentioning that he’s also looking to explore product designs for the travel category, whilst also launching a new line of sheets in the near future.

Simple, chic, and incredibly versatile, it’s clear that muun is the future of the grand slumber experience.

Because, after all, “there’s no greater luxury than a great night’s sleep

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