Best Gift Ideas For This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is here again! This March 27th why don’t you treat your mother to some of these luxurious gifts to make her day special.

Spa Day

Beauty products are a classic gift for making your mum feel pampered, refreshed, and relaxed.

My mother and grandmother have both long loved being gifted special skincare products. They’re the type of thing that you feel over indulgent buying for yourself, but as a gift, they make a lovely treat.

Customisable Vegan Face Care Pamper Set

This gift set is lovely as it allows you to select the specific combination of products. It has elegant scent options of bergamot and mint or rose geranium for the Kiss It skin and lip balm. There is also the option to include the natural stone facial roller (pictured on the far right) which provides better application of the cleanser and reduces puffiness of skin.

As an addition, this luxurious soft bathrobe from Coze is perfect to make your mum feel like she’s being treated to a spa day every day.

Luxury bathrobe – Coze

Wrapping up in a bathrobe after a hot bath or shower never fails to make one feel warm and comfortable. Treat your mum to feeling cozy this Mother’s day

Cozy Comfort

New pajamas always make you feel happy and stylish. Myza’s beautifully designed pajama set will bring a smile to any mum’s face as she unwraps her gift.

Women’s Cotton Pyjama Trouser Set – Coral Seahorses

To go with this, Nihao Planet’s Artisan Ceramic Cup will make your mother’s morning routine that much more special. Just imagine her sitting with her hands warm around her morning mug of tea feeling stylish and comfortable thanks to your thoughtful gifts.

Artisan Ceramic Cup

A Really Special Gift

For something extra special for the jet setting mother, this travel set of silk eye mask and pillowcase from Artem Luxe is ideal to make her feel like royalty wherever she goes.

Mulberry Silk Travel Set: Pillowcase and Eye Mask – Gold

No more worrying about the pillows of her hotel room when she can bring her own piece of luxury. The silk is soft on skin and hair, reducing damage to both, and will keep her cool and comfortable all night.

If you decide to gift your mother any of these things, you’re sure to secure your spot as her favourite child for the rest of the year.

For Mothers To Be

We even have something for those mothers that haven’t quite had their moment to be a mum yet.

Mother's Day Mama Bundle
Mama Bundle – Light Grey

This Mama Bundle from Francis and Henry is perfect for celebrating and increasing that excitement for your growing family. Providing the future mum with everything she’ll need to feel comfortable and special around the time of welcoming her baby.

Containing items like the soft nursing dress, long jersey cardigan, headband, and soft swaddling blanket it’s the best gift to treat the mum-to-be to on her last mother’s day before there’s a little one there of her own. Treat your partner, sister, or friend with this thoughtful little bundle while they wait for their other bundle of joy.

By Molly Panagi-Williams

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