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Shopping for bedding can sound like a fun activity – at first. But once you too have spent three hours staring blankly at plain white sheets with no idea of the differences, you will come to realise that there is way more to it than you ever dreamed. In this post, we will go through the different kinds of bedding together, and by the end have some idea of where to begin!

We can talk about colour theory and what colours you should pick for a restful night another day. Instead, let’s focus on the basics. Fabric. Let’s start with cotton, shall we?

Cotton Bedding

Cotton is probably the fabric you first think of when you think of bedding. For hundreds of years, it has been the main fabric in the bedding world – but maybe not as long as you think. Cotton only became widely used as bedding in the 19th century, as that was when it became easy to mass produce cotton fabrics. Cotton bedding is breathable, comfortable, hard wearing, hypoallergenic, and low maintenance.

Cons: not all cotton products were made equally. You will have to make sure you know what you’re buying!

All this is to say that cotton is probably the most widespread and readily available form of bedding. At Myza, we stock a variety of cotton bedding, in multiple colours and shades, all available through this link. A few examples are Undercover Living’s organic cotton set in MargotSukun’s 400 thread count sateen set in Early Bird, and Mikmax’s Jersey Cotton bed set in Ona. Cotton is so versatile that each of these bed sets will feel completely different, so it’s very much down to personal preference.

 The Best Bedding For You - Cotton - Undercover Living - Margot bedding set  The Best Bedding For You - Cotton - Sukun - Early Bird The Best Bedding For You - Cotton - Mikmax - Jersey Cotton Set in Ona


Linen Bedding

Despite no longer being your first thought, linen began to be used as bedding a long time before cotton. In fact, it is believed to be the first material used as bedding beyond animal furs, as linen sheets made from flax were used by the Ancient Egyptians. All that is to say that linen has been used for a very long time now, and for good reason.

Linen is durable, hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating, anti-static, anti-bacterial and acts as a natural insulator. That means that you will be cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s moisture-wicking, for night sweats, and dries quickly. Linen is also especially long lasting – if cared for properly.

Cons: can be expensive, will always look crumpled (crumpled can look good though, depending on your personal bedroom aesthetic).

For pastel pink dreams, try True Linen’s set in blush pink. For those with an organic focus, Ecosophy’s Organic Linen Set. And for those with an eye for trends, check out this bundle in moss green from Bedfolk.

 The Best Bedding For You - True Linen - Blush PinkThe Best Bedding For You - Ecosophy - Organic Linen Set.The Best Bedding For You - Bedfolk - Linen Bedding Bundle - Moss


Tencel Bedding

Another eco-friendly option, tencel is a cellulose fiber made from sustainably-sourced wood. Bear in mind that Tencel is a brand name, so fabrics that list it as lyocell or Tencel lyocel are the same, and lyocell is just one of two Tencel fibres.

Not just good for the planet, Tencel is also a great fabric if you hate ironing, as it is much harder to crumple than cotton. Tencel is often mixed with other fibres, like cotton, and this is a great way to have the feel of cotton bedding that is more sustainable and harder to crease.

Cons: can be hard to find, still relatively new so still room to improve.

As Tencel is still a relatively new fabric, all of our tencel beddings are from the same brand, Undercover Living. There are designs for every style, from reversible Lido blue and peach to Ponto polka dot.

 The Best Bedding For You - Undercover Living - Tencel Reversible Duvet Cover - LidoThe Best Bedding For You - Undercover Living - Tencel Complete Set - Ponto


Silk Bedding

Since its’ invention in Ancient China, while we in Europe were still in the grips of the Stone Age, silk has been considered the epitome of luxury. An all-natural, soft and light fabric, silk is perfect for people with sensitive skin, and those in hot climates. Silk is perfect for anyone who suffers from hot flushes during the night, as it naturally wicks away excess moisture easily and quickly. Silk’s gentle and breathable feel make it perfect for looking after your hair and skin. It is so gentle that switching to a silk pillow case has been known to help maintain skin, and prevent breakouts and hair breakage.

Cons: Not appropriate for Vegans; can be very expensive.

Perfect for an indulgent night, and for those with glamorous tastes, Myza stock silk pillowcases in a number of colours and patterns, to go with any interior design. For those who love the classics, check out Moonchild’s Organic Peace silk pillow case in white. For those with more dramatic tastes, why not look at Artem Luxe’s Oxford Mulberry silk pillowcases in Gold? Or, if you want something cool and contemporary, check out Not Just Pajama’s silk printed pillowcase in black. We also stock fitted bedsheets from Mayfairsilk, so why not feel like a princess on their Fitted Silk Bed Sheet in Precious Pink?

 The Best Bedding For You - Not Just Pajama - Silk Printed Pillowcase - Black   The Best Bedding For You - Artem Luxe - Oxford Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Gold   The Best Bedding For You - Moonchild - Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase - White


A new cotton alternative, Bamboo is a great option for bedding that is better for the environment.

Not only more sustainable than cotton, bamboo is purported to be as good with sweat as silk, and hypoallergenic to boot. It is also naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew, so perfect for rainy England. Bamboo bedding is odour and wrinkle resistant, and easy to look after, as it dries twice as fast as cotton and does not need to be washed as frequently, either.

Cons: It is not yet as readily available as other materials, as like Tencel, it is still a relatively new fabric.

We stock a variety of different bamboo bedding sets at Myza. Why not check out Sloth London’s white with mint trim, Panda’s urban grey bed set, or Koisi’s 300 thread count bundle?

The Best Bedding For You - Sloth London bedding in Mint The Best Bedding For You - Panda bedding in Urban GreyThe Best Bedding For You - Koisi bedding bundle


For more information about the kinds of bedding
we stock at myza, please check out this
Bed Linen Buying Guide.


By Eloise Brooks

Content Writer at myza

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