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Beda Bedding Ergonomic Pillow Booster Review

Suffering With Morning-Neck-Pain? This Could Be The Solution.

Getting a good night’s rest is so much more than just keeping your eyes shut for eight hours straight. For many of us, neck pain can be a real, well, pain in the neck. Whilst some causes of neck pain, such as the wear and tear of aging or arthritis may be out of your control, there are things you can control to minimise your risk. One place to start is to look at how you sleep and the impact this could be having on neck pain.

Several times a month I wake up with a painful neck making it impossible to rotate my head fully to one side or the other for the day. As to the cause, I know it’s not an athletic injury nor is it related to any underlying medical condition although I do accept that during the day, I may get stressed or be leaning my head too close to my computer screen or phone.

The other morning-neck-pain culprit can however be poor sleep. One recent study involving more than 4,000 people, showed that those who had moderate-to-severe sleep problems were more likely to develop chronic musculoskeletal pain after a year than those who slept more soundly. Poor sleep can make it hard for your neck muscles to relax, which increases the likelihood that they will tear during the night. And little tears that appear in your neck muscles is actually what neck pain is. The reason it often gets better by the next day, is that the tears repair themselves.

When people have neck pain, they often mention that they must have slept in the wrong position, it’s more like they slept the wrong way for their neck. So, what is the best sleeping position to avoid neck pain? The best way to sleep is on your back, and second-best is on your side. When you sleep, you want the tip of your nose to be perpendicular to your chest. A pillow that’s too soft or thin will cause your neck to flop back too much whilst one that’s too firm, or simply too high, would push your neck too far forward.

If you sleep on your stomach, you’re forced to turn your neck too far to the left or right, which is also not ideal. Cranking your neck to one side all night is a recipe for increased tension in the neck and shoulders. So, if you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re not doing your neck any favours. That said, sleep position isn’t the only thing that may cause your cervical woes. Also think twice before adding a thick pillow or several pillows at night to your bed as this might also be your undoing and you could be looking at a painful morning.

Designed to avoid morning neck pain is Beda Bedding’s innovative Ergonomic Pillow Booster which will support your neck whilst keeping your nose properly aligned. This pillow booster will transform any pillow shape into a more ergonomic and orthopaedic support, suitable for any sleeping position.

For back sleepers, its low central section will cradle your head and neck so preventing your head from tilting too far forward, which can cause neck strain. The neck bar will also support the natural curve of your spine, helping to open up your airways for better breathing and reducing snoring. If you are a side sleeper and roll onto your side, the raised outer pads will lift your head to a higher position, keeping your spine level and preventing neck and shoulder sprain. The measurements for the neck bar and side pads are based on medical research which investigated the optimum support differential required for back sleeping and side sleeping.

The booster pillow is extremely straight forward to use. Just insert the booster into a standard pillowcase and then simply place it under your existing pillow – it is designed to work with any pillow.

I was amazed by how effectively the booster worked, it did exactly what it promised! I woke completely neck-pain free after having had a really comfortable night’s sleep. My partner who regularly suffers with morning neck pain also trialled the pillow booster. Although initially sceptical, he too has become a big fan, waking up neck pain free for the first time in many months.

Because you use and turn your neck all the time, a stiff or painful neck can really throw a spanner in your day so this pillow booster is really worth checking out as it could well be the solution to those painful morning neck-problems.

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