Author: The Myza Editorial Team

Collingwood & Hay

Collingwood & Hay – Organic Cotton Towels Review

How stylish is your bathroom? For most people, the bathroom is where they do their whole personal-care routine so considering…

Holistic London

Holistic London’s Lavender Relax and Sleep Linen Pillow Mist Review

For many people, getting to sleep in the first place is the difficult part. When your head is swimming with…

Circadian Rhythm

Slave to the Rhythm – Where would Humanity be Without our Circadian Rhythm?

Body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism and sleep patterns, it’s our circadian rhythm after all that has determined humanity’s diurnal existence….


Pamoja – Revive Multi-action Face Cream Review

How To Keep Your Skin Glowing and Protected; When you dream about your skin, you might envisage it being smooth…

Inner Senses

In Conversation With: Inner Senses

Inner Senses began with their curiosity to source nature’s finest ingredients together with a passion to share. They embrace the…


Exercise x Sleep: Don’t Run Out Of Sleep

Exercise: perhaps even just the thought of it makes you feel languid. But making time for that quick morning jog…

Guava Gold

Guava & Gold Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion Review

Moisturising your body can at times feel like a chore, but cold winds, central heating, and hot baths and showers…


In Conversation With: Nimu

Founded in Rome in 2015, Nimu is a brand dedicated to embellishing their homes with a focus on self-care and…