Atelier YTO: Body & Hair Oil Argan & Mint Review

Atelier YTO

Soft, radiant skin and shiny hair may sound somewhat of a cliché, but still, we’d all like to have them. Before you complain that its easier said than done to achieve such a look, take another look at oils—that is hybrid oils, those that pack a high-power punch with multiple ingredients. The beautifying properties of oils have been recognised for thousands of years, but we are now using them now in much more diverse ways. With increasing concerns about the environment and the current trend towards minimalism, like many consumers I’ve been seeking a “less is more” approach to my beauty regime. And now I’m aiming to whittle down my routine even further.

If you’re already a fan of body and hair oils, I highly recommend you continue the experience with Atelier Yto’s intensely revitalising Body & Hair Oils. Atelier Yto, working closely with women-run co-operatives, encourages the use of skincare products containing fair-trade, organic and wild harvest components, as opposed to mass-produced products with a multitude of unnecessary ingredients. Its skincare range consists only of “active” ingredients. It sources the finest raw organic ingredients for its oils, thoroughly cold-pressing them in an ethical and cruelty-free process to produce oils of the highest quality. All of its oils are tested, approved, and certified by Ecocert, USDA, and fair- trade organizations.

Its skincare range uniquely reflects ‘Mediterranean aesthetics and North African artistry’. Argan oil is a key ingredient in some of the best makeup and skincare currently out there, however, the oil used by Atelier Yto in its skincare is no run of the mill variety – it’s made from seeds of the rare Argan fruit, a native Moroccan anti-atlas tree. Its skincare formulations are a powerhouse of rich nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants skilfully created to repair your skin and restore its natural radiance. Each product is multi-use and multi-tasking, designed with an ecological adherence to reduce our footprint and increase sustainability.

I trialled Atelier Yto Body & Hair Oil Argan & Mint, a wonderful blend of Argan Oil and fresh Moroccan mint extract. This luxurious oil promises to infuse your skin with natural healing properties, leaving it moisturised, smooth and balanced, while the extracts of mint are guaranteed to refresh and revitalise fatigued muscles. Created in London but inspired by the warm spring days of Marrakech and its herbal tea blends, this oil is suited to all skin types including those with skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Cruelty free and vegan, it is also alcohol, sulphate & paraben free so ticks all the requisite boxes. The Body & Hair Oil range also includes a version with an uplifting blend of Moroccan Orange Blossom extract.

I found the Body & Hair Oil very easy to use, I just spread it onto my skin after showering and massaged in well. It was rapidly absorbed. It can also be applied to pulse points for a subtle natural perfume. Being concentrated, it felt intensely revitalising, leaving my skin smooth and supple with a soft, natural glow. I particularly liked it because it added an extra boost of hydration without leaving me greasy, like many other oils that I’ve tried. My skin always errs on the side of dry, so moisturising is a big part of my daily beauty regime.
This delicious mint-scented concoction not only softens, repairs and nourishes skin but hair equally well. So, harnessing the hydrating properties of the Argan oil, I also used it on the ends of my hair for added shine and a split-end treatment.

A small amount of the oil certainly goes a long way making it great value for those watching the purse strings. I can certainly see it becoming is a staple in my less-is-more beauty product approach because I can use it all year long. Particularly, in colder months, when my skin becomes dryer and more irritated, this product offers an ultra-nourishing protective veil over my skin thanks to the inclusion of Argan oil, yet it is light enough for the transition into the warmer months. It also had a lovely calming scent, offering me a moment of quiet relaxation before bed.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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