Aeyla Weighted Blanket Review

Mela Weighted Blanket Review

Have you heard about the trendy newcomer Aeyla to the blanket world? Touted as the perfect sleep solution for hot sleepers, autistic people, or those suffering from anxiety. The weighted blanket is the big new thing in sleep. First introduced by occupational therapists as treatment for behavioural disorders. Weighted blankets are now beloved by people from all walks of life. They are a great way to help you relax and wind down. Experts refer to it as Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation, or DTP. This means firm but gentle squeezing, or pressure, that relaxes the nervous system. Think of babies swaddled immediately on being born. Done properly, the pressure releases a boost of serotonin, making you feel happy and peaceful.

My blankets arrived in beautiful pistachio green packaging. With instructional leaflets in each box about how they work and how to use them correctly. The inner lid says ‘Be Kind Be Yourself Sleep Well,’ and I did! I think the gorgeous packaging helps make these blankets excellent gifts – especially for kids. The kids box design was extra cute. Making up the blankets meant a lot of tying knots, as the inside of each cover has lots of strings to tie the blanket to, preventing it from getting muddled inside the cover. Honestly, I now believe all duvet covers should come with these laces, as that is a common issue with duvets for me. I have tested three different weights, sizes, and covers of the Aeyla blanket. Each time was very impressed with the quality.

Aeyla Adult Weighted Blanket

The Adult Weighted Blanket comes with a two sided cover, one side breathable 100% cotton, and the other plush, quilted and extra cosy. This makes it the perfect Autumn/Winter blanket. Purchases of the blanket mean protecting 1000-square-feet of Amazonian rainforest when you buy this blanket. The weight I got was a UK King 7kg, and it’s a feeling unlike anything I’ve had before. The gentle compression of the weights made my whole body feel heavy in an amazing way. Sleeping with the blanket made it very hard to get up and out of bed the following morning!

Mela Adult Weighted Blanket
Adult Weighted Blanket

The Dreamer Weighted Blanket

The Dreamer Weighted Blanket is the perfect option for hot sleepers. The main difference from the original is that the outer layer of the inner weighted section is made from Eucalyptus. The cover, made entirely of Eucalyptus silk, is super soft – but it’s also good for the planet. Eucalyptus Silk covers are produced using environmentally responsible processes & harvested from regenerative forests in Austria and the Czech Republic. As a result of using a natural fibre they are compostable and biodegradable. The colour of the blanket cover is a soothing grey tone, and the overall feel is that of luxury and peace. The instructional leaflet and box are very similar to the original weighted blanket, but now both feature some pastel imagery of Eucalyptus plants. 

Mela Chill Weighted Blanket

Aeyla Kids Weighted Blanket

Perfect for the little ones in your life, the Aeyla Kids Weighted Blanket is made of all the same materials as the blankets for adults, but this time in mini! Kids will love incorporating this soft blanket in their bedtime routine, and anything that keeps them sleeping through the night has to be good. The textured blanket cover is very soothing to press and play with. The Kids Blanket comes in 2 – 4kg in single sizes. The box and informational leaflets the blanket came with were each covered in little doodle-like images of planets, stars, and other sleepy space pictures. The overall impression was that the people at Aeyla had really thought about how to get kids excited about a blanket.

Worth It?

A heavier alternative to your traditional blankets and duvets, Aeyla’s blankets range from 2KG – 11KG, and are available in single, double, or king sizes. The size and weight you should get is reflective of the users’ size and weight. The weights are made up of tiny quartz glass pellets, that mould to the shape of your body. The pellets are blended with a plush filler and encased in ultra-soft, 100% cotton or Eucalyptus. Therefore, if the weighted blanket is the new big sleep accessory, Aeyla is where you want to purchase from.

Their goal is to help the world feel better, and sleep better. Their products are high quality, natural, and each purchase from Aeyla means a donation to a good cause. Each blanket received mentioned in the accompanying information booklet that their charity partner is Young Minds. Youth Minds are an organisation that helps with the mental health of young people.

If you ever struggle getting to sleep or often find yourself waking up in the night too hot under your blanket, I highly recommend the weighted blanket, and Aeyla’s specifically. Aeyla have perfected the weighted blanket. The varieties they offer mean that there is something for everyone to help you get a better night’s sleep.

By Eloise Brooks

Content Writer at myza

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