Luxury Four-way Stretch Cotton Sheet (UK Single)

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The fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, stretchy cotton fabric. It has a chunky zip at either end. It is designed to stretch snuggly around a single bed mattress.

When the fidgetbum is stretched around the mattress and bed covers, it is joined together by the chunky zip - making easy to zip up at bedtime.

Instructions for use
Using the fidgetbum couldn't be easier !! First, place the fidgetbum under the mattress -watch the video above.

Aim to place the fidgetbum centrally, so the overhang on each side is the same - this will make sure that the zip runs down the centre of the bed when closed. Having the zip here makes it easy to close, whether the bed is against a wall of free standing in the room. During the day, simply place the ends of the fidgetbum underneath the covers. This way - the children can still enjoy their favourite characters and designs on their covers.

When the little one ready for bed, simply pull out the ends of the fidgetbum. Pop the little one under the covers and lift the ends of the fidgetbum over the top of the covers, and zip.

Your little one can still move freely in bed, due to the stretchy nature of the fidgetbum, and you can relax in the knowledge that they'll be snug and safe under the covers!

90cm wide x 15cm deep
The fidgetbum is 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, and can be easily machine washed and tumble dried.
Sleep Benefits
  • Colour in the bedroom space affects your mood and sense of well-being – helps you unwind enough to sleep
  • Adding beautiful quilts, throws and cushions turns a bedroom into a special space, a personal sanctuary, perfect for alleviating stress and inducing relaxation before slumber
  • Layering bedding allows you to adjust the temperature during the night if needed
  • Be surrounded by the sight of things you love, luxurious touches in the bedroom space make you feel special and calmed
  • Flip over this bedding for a fresh new look when the seasons change
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    About the brand


    Mel is a mum to two girls. Both girls were good sleepers when they were in their gro-bags in their cots, however when her younger daughter transitioned into a ‘big bed’ - the problem began. A familiar story to most parents, she would wake multiple times during the night feeling cold, having kicked off the duvet during her sleep. She would call out for mummy and daddy to tuck her in again. This happened many times per night, resulting in sleep deprived and frustrated family.

    Mel took matters into her own hands and came up with a solution. She used a luxury cotton fabric sheet to make a wrap that went under the mattress and then over the top of the bedding and zipped up - keeping the duvet on her daughter, and her daughter in bed. Problem solved overnight and Fidgetbum was born.

    Since then, Mel has turned the invention into a thriving business and is now helping parents to keep their little ones snug and cosy throughout the night. The gentle pressure the fidgetbum gives, relaxes and reassures the child - it's been likened to ‘a nice warm hug’. If you’re looking to give your little one the best nights sleep possible, then you need a fidgetbum!

    • Delivery

      UK Standard - Free
      Europe - £12.99
      International - £15.00

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