Tiipoi is a London based brand and design studio that launched it’s first collection of products during London Design Festival ’14. Spandana Gopal is Tiipoi’s Founder and Creative Director.

Tiipoi believes in good materials, and that good design is often invisible. Rather than adding to the exploding world of designed products, Tiipoi adapts from existing classics in order to champion lesser known design concepts from the Indian subcontinent.

By working with small scale workshops and semi-industrial units, or independent craftsmen and makers, the studio creates design that brings together handmade and industrial production in India, always aspiring to keep a human element in the making process.

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  1.   Modern Kantha Cotton Double Blanket - Blue
  2.   Modern Kantha Cotton Single Blanket - Teal
  3.   Modern Kantha Cushion - Blue
  4.   Modern Kantha Cushion - Grey
  5.   Modern Kantha Cushion - Teal
  6.   Modern Kantha Cushion - Powder Blue
  7.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Cushion - Blue and Grey
  8.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Rectangle Cushion - Blue and Grey
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  9.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Rectangle Cushion - Grey and Yellow
  10.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Square Cushion - Grey / Yellow
  11.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Rectangle Cushion - Terracotta
  12.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Square Cushion - Terracotta
  13.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Square Cushion - Pink
  14.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Rectangle Cushion - Pink
  15.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Square Cushion - Blue
  16.   Jama-Khan Handwoven Rectangle Cushion - Blue
  17.   Uttara Fragrant Candle
  18.   Dakshin Fragrant Candle
Set Descending Direction

18 Items

per page