Nowadays, science is increasingly paying attention to the serious under-appreciation of sleep. Every day, we do even more tasks, often leaving only 5 to 6 hours to sleep. Statements such as "sleep is for the weak", "I have not slept for two days" or "I can do it thanks to the fifth cup of coffee" are often spoken with pride and even with a perceptible feeling of doing something. The cosmetics industry releases tons of products that have the task of concealing or eliminating traces of insufficient sleep. It seems that they would prefer to invest half of our earnings in the "8 hours of sleep" cream, instead of just getting a good night's sleep. 

At TEYA, they do not believe in bragging about a small amount of sleep, or in the expensive cover-up of the effects of its lack. Sleep is after all an essential element of our physical and mental health. A good night's sleep will help you live longer, happier and more productive. It can not be replaced by a balanced diet, expensive cosmetics or a tailored personal training. There is nothing more important than a proper sleep in the right amount. That's why TEYA comes to the rescue by providing what's best for your bed to help you sleep more and better!

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