Mookie is a term of endearment to show love and affection towards a child hence the name of our brand. MookieMerino offers eco-friendly, safe, extremely functional, comfortable, sustainable, ethical garments which provide unique health benefits for baby.

The founder, having lived in 3 continents, noticed a gap in the marketplace for a truly functional sleep bag. Also knowing the unmatchable benefits of using Extra Fine pure merino wool, having lived in Australia for nearly a decade, she decided to create a product uniting practicality and high quality merino wool creating the perfect combination for baby’s comfort and parents’ peace of mind.

It was of the upmost importance for the founder to create an item deemed “slow fashion” (as opposed to “fast fashion” which churns out massive amounts of cheap clothes, ultimately accelerating carbon emissions and global warming). It had to be good for the planet, the animals and babies. Hence the decision to design a product solely made of 100% non mulesed Extra Fine merino wool, creating a sleep bag which will grow with your baby up to at least 2 years and can easily be re-used for other Mookies due to its durability.

Her efforts were rewarded with a unique, truly eco-friendly and ethical product of which she is very proud: the award-winning MookieMerino 4-Season Sleep Bag

They proudly support Every Mother Counts which helps reduce the number of maternal deaths (during pregnancy and child labour) around the world.

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