Lorima sources beautiful quality Hammam Towels that are as stylish as they are versatile. Based on the bath towel but without all the bulk, Hammam Towels are lightweight, compact and quick to dry with no need for a tumble drier. The flat weave means they are highly absorbent and will have you dried off in no time, which makes them perfect for warmer days, when a trational towel is simply too much. Sourced from small family run businesses in Turkey, all Lorima towels are constructed from soft natural Turkish cotton.

They really are the perfect home and travel accessory. Lorima believes everyone should own a Hammam towel at least once in their life because of their versatile qualities. Use them in the bathroom, or leave a few aside in the cupboard for guests, pop in a suitcase to go travelling, go to the beach, pool, or drop into your gym bag.

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  1.   Turkish Cotton Bubbles Towel - Grey
  2.   Turkish Cotton Bubbles Towel - Denim Blue
  3.   Turkish Cotton Bubbles Towel - Coral
  4.   Turkish Cotton Bubbles Towel - Turquoise
  5.   Turkish Cotton Bubbles Towel - Red
  6.   Turkish Cotton Coast Towel - Blue
  7.   Turkish Cotton Coast Towel - Orange
  8.   Turkish Cotton Coast Towel - Pink
  9.   Turkish Cotton Coast Towel - Turquoise
  10.   Turkish Cotton Dune Towel - Coral
  11.   Turkish Cotton Dune Towel - Teal
  12.   Turkish Cotton Dune Towel - Turquoise
Set Descending Direction

12 Items

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