Koppraia was founded as a response to the widespread use of unsustainable materials and undisclosed animal products in the home fragrance industry. We are dedicated to making products that are a welcome addition in any home whilst also being respectful to the environment. Each scented candle features a distinctive composition of cruelty-free fragrances and our signature hand-poured wax: a natural blend of coconut, rapeseed and soy. We promote the use of organic, natural and vegan materials, whilst celebrating our key belief in dissolving the boundary between escapism and pure awareness. It might appear contradictory, but to us it makes complete sense. You don’t have to escape from reality to reach a state of calm; and an awareness of the present doesn’t mean succumbing to the busy distractions of everyday life. Lighting a candle can simultaneously be a form of escapism from daily events, yet still be firmly rooted in a consciousness of the present. This quiet sentiment is reflected in our minimal design, which allows the fragrances to speak for themselves and evokes a sense of calm.

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