Kat Zarra

Kat Zarra incorporates the luxury and sentiment of jewellery to the items most intimate to the body. The line of ethically manufactured lingerie infuses jewellery through the collection. Solid brass findings are sculpted by hand then casted with a jeweller. The findings are woven into the collection in a meaningful but practical fashion. The collection is designed to blur the line between lingerie and jewellery with a contemporary women’s lifestyle, liberation and exploration kept in mind.

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  1.   Triangle Silk Bra - Onyx
    Kat Zarra Triangle Silk Bra - Onyx
  2.   Triangle Panty - Onyx
    Kat Zarra Triangle Panty - Onyx
  3.   Shell Garter Tank
    Kat Zarra Shell Garter Tank
  4.   Shell Garter Thong
    Kat Zarra Shell Garter Thong
  5.   Bandeau Silk Bra
    Out of stock
  6.   High Waisted Silk Panty
    Kat Zarra High Waisted Silk Panty
  7.   Triangle Silk Panty - Emerald
  8.   Cami Tank - Emerald
    Kat Zarra Cami Tank - Emerald
  9.   Cami Tank - Onyx
    Kat Zarra Cami Tank - Onyx
  10.   Cami Tank - Sunstone
    Kat Zarra Cami Tank - Sunstone
Set Descending Direction

10 Items

per page