Inka Fabric

Inka Fabric Blankets are manufactured in Peru, as an Anglo-Peruvian business we believe this to be one of our strengths. Our products celebrate and support the traditions, cultures and economies of Peru which is itself the reason for their high-quality and uniqueness. It would not be sustainable and therefore would be against our ethos to use alpaca fibre or make alpaca products anywhere else other than in its natural home of the Peruvian Andes. In terms of our alpaca products we work directly with reputable manufacturers in Arequipa, the Alpaca heartland of Peru, that have national accreditations, a longstanding reputation and support various national associations. This enables us to know the direct source of the alpaca fibre used in each and every one of our products, ensure its sustainable and ethical process and guarantee the highest of qualities.

This gives us the confidence to offer our customers products that are not only sustainable and affordable but are high-quality, unique and certainly cannot be found on the high street!

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