IKEMIAN hair care. Made with naturally derived ingredients. Lovingly formulated with mother nature's finest essential oils. Manufactured in Germany.

IKEMIAN is the story of a Ike, a dad of two adorable girls, and his determination to find effective hair care products for them. During the development of the line, Ike quickly realised that the hair problems he faced was not unique to his daughters but was shared across different hair types and people. The idea came to build a product line that would cover curly, coarse and fine hair types.

At IKEMIAN, they believe it’s not enough for a product to be natural. It should also provide better benefits, such as moisturisation and conditioning, than its non-natural counterparts. To achieve this, they have gone beyond conventional formulations by making innovation in natural ingredients a key element of our product offerings. Each of their products is unique and delicately crafted to deliver the very best results. They are an ingredient-conscious company with high regard for our common health, for nature and for sustainability. All their products are free of PEGs, SLSs, endocrine disruptors, parabens, formaldehyde and silicon.

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  1.   True Wash - Nurturing Shampoo
  2.   True Volume - Volumising Shampoo
  3.   Forgiveness - Moisture-Restoring Conditioner
  4.   Serendipity - Conditioning Cream
  5.   Hello Gorgeous - Deep Conditioning Curl Treatment
  6.   Shea Goodness - Hairbutter
  7.   True Volume Spray
    Ikemian True Volume Spray
  8.   Cloud Nine 3-in-1 Silk Mask
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8 Items

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