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Tea enthusiast Tina Gloggengieser, from Aarhus in Denmark (now living in Brighton, UK), is passionate about food, drink, and the Danish way of life: 'Hygge'. Hygge is an experience; a year-round feeling of warmth, wellbeing and cosiness. The Danes' preoccupation with Hygge is one of the major reasons they are voted one of the happiest nations year after year. Hoogly is the pronunciation of 'hyggelig,'the adjective of Hygge, and Hoogly Tea combines Tina's love of tea with this mindful Danish concept to create a unique and healthy range of blends, made with luxury natural ingredients. All the company's teas are blended and packed in the UK, ethically sourced and fairly traded, and their biodegradable tea pyramids are soil association certified. Hoogly Tea invites you now to have a hoogly time drinking their delicious and indulgent brews, and be seduced by the wonderfully relaxing Danish way of life.

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  1.   'The Little Book Of Hygge' And Comforting Tea Trio
  2.   Apple Strudel - Green Tea
    Hoogly Tea Apple Strudel - Green Tea
  3.   Apple Strudel - Green Tea, 250g
  4.   Around The Fire - Black and Oolong Tea
  5.   Berrylicious - Herbal Infusion, 250g
  6.   Berrylicious Tea - Herbal Infusion (15 Tea Pyramids)
  7.   Chill Out Mint Tea - Herbal Infusion (15 Tea Pyramids)
  8.   Chill Out Mint Tea - Herbal Infusion, 250g
  9.   Chocolate Brownie - Black Tea
  10.   Classic Green - Green Tea (15 Tea Pyramids)
  11.   Classic Green - Green Tea, 250g
  12.   Cosy Chamomile Tea - Herbal Infusion (15 Tea Pyramids)
  13.   Cosy Chamomile Tea - Herbal Infusion, 250g
  14.   Danish Pastry - Rooibos Tea (15 Tea Pyramids)
  15.   Danish Pastry - Rooibos Tea, 250g
  16.   Earl Grey - Black Tea
    Hoogly Tea Earl Grey - Black Tea
  17.   English Breakfast - Black Tea
    Out of stock
  18.   Genmai Cha - Green Tea, 250g
  19.   Jasmine Dawn - Green Tea (15 Tea Pyramids)
  20.   Jasmine Dawn - Green Tea, 250g
  21.   Lemon & Ginger - Green Tea
  22.   Lemon & Ginger - Green Tea (15 Tea Pyramids)
  23.   Lemon & Ginger - Green Tea, 250g
  24.   Marzipan - Rooibos
    Out of stock
    Hoogly Tea Marzipan - Rooibos
  25.   Marzipan - Rooibos Tea (15 Tea Pyramids)
  26.   Marzipan - Rooibos Tea, 250g
  27.   Raspberry, Liquorice & Lavender - Black Tea
  28.   Rhubarb & Vanilla - Green Tea (15 Tea Pyramids)
  29.   Rhubarb & Vanilla - Green Tea, 250g
  30.   Sparkling White - White Tea
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