Flower and Spice

Trust your instincts. Bring nature back into your daily life. Flower and Spice began as—and remains—a labour of love for the human body and the planet. Karmen, the founder of Flower and Spice created each formula from the beginning to the end to ensure the highest level of efficacy and well-being. Using only the world's finest botanicals, each Flower and Spice formula is crafted to gently care for your skin, and elevate your mood... naturally.

As you indulge in these captivating blends of flowers and spices, allow the stresses of your day to melt away. Inhale the expertly blended, gently lingering aromas; lose yourself in this sublime ritual of self-care. From their pure formulations to their recyclable packaging, allow Flower and Spice to nurture your skin—and the planet.

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