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Eve & Keel is all about balance. Not the infinitely stable impossible kind we often strive for, instead, the products encourage you to pay attention to the subtleties. To support yourself when you need a little more of this or a little less of that in your life. Inspired by her own battle with anxiety as well as working to support aromatherapy clients, the range encourages you to tune into your inner equilibrium, something we all need for a good night’s sleep. Everything is vegan, cruelty free and uses certified organic ingredients. Hand made by Jennie in small batches from her aromatherapy studio in Cambridge, UK.

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  1.   Breathe Balm, 15g
    Eve & Keel Breathe Balm, 15g
  2.   Reset Mist, 100ml
    Eve & Keel Reset Mist, 100ml
  3.   Balance Bath Salts, 400g
    Eve & Keel Balance Bath Salts, 400g
  4.   Deep Release Body Oil, 120ml
  5.   Stability: Root Chakra Roller, 10ml
  6.   Creativity: Sacral Chakra Roller, 10ml
  7.   Courage: Solar Plexus Chakra Roller, 10ml
  8.   Joy: Heart Chakra Roller, 10ml
  9.   Clarity: Throat Chakra Roller, 10ml
  10.   Intuition: Third Eye Chakra Roller, 10ml
  11.   Surrender: Crown Chakra Roller, 10ml
Set Descending Direction

11 Items

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