DEI Skincare

A range of 100% natural skincare products lovingly handmade in UK with organic certified ingredients and clay powders. Devoted to making effective skincare products using clean formulations DEI offers nourishing, potent blends specifically created to soothe, recharge and replenish your skin.

DEI means "Divine Nature" in Latin and we chose this as our name because we believe that Nature offers us everything we need for achieving beautiful, radiant skin. Our journey began after a wonderful pregnancy when a new mum’s skin became very sensitive and started to break out easily. Wanting to adopt a clean skincare routine, we created our own face oils and balms and soon discovered the amazing power of pure plant oils and powdered extracts. After a lot of research and months of trialling every ingredient, DEI was born and we are now sharing our beautifully crafted products and our passion for natural skincare with you.

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  1.   Cleansing Balm With Baobab Powder & Sea-Buckthorn Oil, 50g
  2.   Nourishing Face Oil, 30g
    DEI Skincare Nourishing Face Oil, 30g
  3.   Enriching Body Oil, 100g
    DEI Skincare Enriching Body Oil, 100g
  4.   Delicate Cleansing Oil, 100g
    DEI Skincare Delicate Cleansing Oil, 100g
  5.   Skin Balm
    DEI Skincare Skin Balm
  6.   Purifying Face Mask, 30G
    DEI Skincare Purifying Face Mask, 30G
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