Deco Collective

The idea for Deco Collective came to Nisha and Hannah when they were trying to source linen bedding for their own homes. They had Pinterested the hell out of the cosy, rumpled, mis-matched look, but actually purchasing it was another story. There were cheap, rough, mass-produced linens which never got softer no matter how many times they washed them or there were eye-wateringly expensive. And if you wanted to mix and match a set of gloriously coloured bedding which would make you happy each time you opened your eyes in the morning? No chance. Not available. So they decided to make their own.

Their linens are woven from 100% natural French flax and are pre-washed for the softest feel from the first night you sleep on them. They are cosy and weighty and luxurious and beautiful and make you want to turn off your alarm and snuggle back into bed. They think they are an absolute game changer and they are pretty sure you'll agree.

To complement their linens they have put together a selection of cushions, candles and artwork from some of their favourite home accessories brands. All are great value, creatively designed pieces which will enhance your everyday life as you use them.

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