Founded in 2016 by Megha Lohia and Rachel Fong, BIVAIN is a contemporary British home decor and accessories brand offering objects of desire with an edge. The Central Saint Martins-trained designers worked for brands including Agent Provocateur and Zac Posen prior to launching BIVAIN; and with an appetite for the bold and the whimsical, they set out to create a lifestyle brand with serious sex appeal!

BIVAIN draws inspiration from the sensory experiences of international wanderlust. Specialising in cushions and pocket squares, the collections are exclusively produced by highly-skilled craftsmen using the finest materials.

BIVAIN - derived from the words ‘to be vain’- celebrates pride in one's unique sense of self, and is aimed at the vivacious, adventurous and design-conscious customer who enjoys making a statement with their home and personal style.

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  1.   Lady Large Silk Cushion
  2.   Folk Large Silk Cushion
  3.   Capella Chigi Blu Cushion
  4.   Santa Maria Silk Cushion
  5.   Xanadu Jade Silk Cushion
  6.   Xanadu Red Silk Cushion
  7.   Kyoto Silk Cushion
    Bivain Kyoto Silk Cushion
  8.   Nude Orange Cotton Cushion
  9.   Nude Blue Cotton Cushion
  10.   Nude Black Cotton Cushion
  11.   Ram Silk Cushion
    Bivain Ram Silk Cushion
  12.   Stag Silk Cushion
    Bivain Stag Silk Cushion
  13.   Flamingo Pink Silk Cushion
  14.   Flamingo Peach Silk Cushion
  15.   Paradise Silk Cushion
    Bivain Paradise Silk Cushion
  16.   Agra Pink Silk Cushion
  17.   Agra Cloud Silk Cushion
  18.   Jaipur Silk Cushion
    Bivain Jaipur Silk Cushion
  19.   Pushkar Silk Cushion
    Bivain Pushkar Silk Cushion
  20.   Ajmer Silk Cushion
    Bivain Ajmer Silk Cushion
  21.   Fawn Brown Velvet Cushion
  22.   Crabs Silk Cushion
    Bivain Crabs Silk Cushion
  23.   Berry & Rose Taupe Velvet Cushion
  24.   Persian Blue Velvet Cushion
  25.   Sapphire & Light Blue Velvet Cushion
  26.   Grey Velvet Cushion
    Bivain Grey Velvet Cushion
  27.   Aqua Chintz Silk Cushion
  28.   Neptunian Grey Silk Cushion
  29.   Jasper I Silk Cushion
    Bivain Jasper I Silk Cushion
  30.   Jasper II Silk Cushion
    Bivain Jasper II Silk Cushion
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-30 of 31

per page