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Ashanti Cosmetics was founded by Ghanaian native Rose Appiah in 2017. Rose, who has a degree in science, learned her recipes from her grandmother Maame who was Miss Ghana in 1958. Maame had to learn how to make her own moisturisers and make up. Back then, it was hard to reach cosmetics in Ghana, but as a beauty queen, she had to keep her skin beautiful and glowing for her competitions. She made her products based on family recipes that span over five generations. Maame learnt her recipes from her mother, who was a herbalist, who learnt from her mother before her.

Thanks to this, Rose became well versed in the secrets of naturally beautiful skin. And thanks to her scientific background, she knew how to combine nature's best ingredients with science to provide the best formula for glowing, healthy skin. She spent six years developing the texture, scent and quality of each product.

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  1.   15 Shades Of Pink - Pomegranate Face Cream, 60ml
  2.   Breezy Peasy - Pineapple Face and Body Oil, 100ml
  3.   Bronzed Panther - Gradual Bronzing Butter, 120ml
  4.   Good Hair Day - Mango Hair Mask, 120ml
  5.   Husk My Dear - Shaving Cream, 120ml
    Ashanti Cosmetics Husk My Dear - Shaving Cream, 120ml
  6.   Power Fluff Girl - Shaving Cream, 120ml
  7.   Maame Balm - Multi Purpose Healing Balm, 60ml
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  8.   Tansy Mama - Luxe Face Mask
    Ashanti Cosmetics Tansy Mama - Luxe Face Mask
  9.   Warrior King - Men's Body Butter, 120ml
  10.   Warrior Queen - Coconut Body Butter, 120ml
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