Nightire was born out of the founder Nina Clark’s personal quest to understand sleep, and all that it entails, a bit better. Like many people she knew, she suffered with “can’t-always-shut-my-brain-off-to-go-to-sleep syndrome”, overthinking everything, constantly making lists in her head and worrying about things that she could not change; all the while lying in bed at night waiting for sleep to set in. This led to a few years of having a rather patchy sleep routine.

She began researching what could help a person sleep better and tried to apply it to her nightly routine: using black-out blinds, taking a relaxing bath, using no screens in the room (i.e. goodbye to Insta-sessions right before bed), and trying anything she could to keep her body temperature on an even keel. That included buying the right sleepwear, which, in turn, got her to focus on an industry which seemed to her to have some room for innovation (and a bit more personality), which is how the idea for Nightire came about.

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