For a parent, getting a little one to sleep can be a nightmare, as can finding oneself constantly worn out by disturbed nights. If this sounds familiar, Suzy Snooze could be the perfect solution.

Developed together with a range of experts, Suzy Snooze is a beautifully-designed multifunctional device, working as a baby monitor, sleep soother, smart nightlight and sleep trainer all-in-one! Suitable for children of all ages, it's been specially-designed to appeal to both parents and children alike.

Suzy Snooze BleepBleeps

Setting up the Suzy Snooze is easy, seamlessly connecting with your smartphone using your preferred Wi-Fi network, aided by an enormous range of up to 50m/150ft. By connecting Suzy to the BleepBleeps app (available on iOS and Android) it becomes a baby monitor, letting you listen-in on your little one using high definition, secure audio.

Pressing down on Suzy's 'hat' at bedtime, turns on a sleep sequence, providing ten minutes of soothing light and music designed to help your little one relax and (hopefully) fall asleep. Then, once your child is asleep, Suzy takes on the form of a comforting nightlight, providing your child with a warming, comforting orange glow.

And of course, if volume or brightness aren't to your liking, everything is adjustable via the BleepBleeps app, including the option to track your child's sleep data. Now you can see how deeply your child is regularly sleeping, and precisely when they're waking up.

Suzy Snooze BleepBleeps App

One of Suzy Snooze's most admirable features, is that if your child does happen to wake-up, Suzy’s Cry Sensor and Smart Technology will help soothe them back to sleep — so no need for you to get out of bed. Brilliant!

Then in the morning, Suzy's hat will gently pop-up, signalling to your child that it's time to get up, helping to acclimatise your child to a preferred sleep schedule, and all being well, prevent the dreaded early mornings. Even more brilliant!

A young mother who trialled BleepBleeps' Suzy recently recalled that it was particularly simple to use, even for those who are not technologically-minded. She was also remarkably impressed when travelling with the device, due to its ease of transportability, and coming with numerous adapters. However, for the sake of safety, the Suzy Snooze will only work on a secure Wi-Fi network. In other words, usage at hotels etc. is not always guaranteed, due to the possibility of the Wi-Fi network not being secure.

Suzy Snooze BleepBleeps Baby sleeping

Although Suzy may appear quite pricy, I can't help but feel that it's great value. Given its advanced technology, it's capable of evolving with your child's ever-changing sleeping requirements, from a baby monitor & nightlight early-on, to a sleep trainer as a toddler, and a musical sleep-companion as a child.

What's more, the Suzy Snooze is multifunctional, meaning there'll be no need to purchase any other single-function baby products, including baby monitors.

Importantly, the Suzy Snooze will teach your child those healthy sleeping habits that can last a lifetime, and just as importantly, allow you as a parent to get a good night’s sleep.

And for the latter alone, the Suzy Snooze is priceless!

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