Happy Halloween! Okay, October 29th, but close enough. You've got today and tomorrow to work out what you want to dress as for Halloween, and you may even have a Halloween party to go to. But it's been a long time since we've been able to go out and let our hair down, and for a lot of us, the idea of wearing an uncomfortable outfit all night seems nigh impossible. So we have decided: if we're going to be celebrating, we're going to celebrate in comfort! Whether you're going out on a wild night on the town or just staying home for a cosy movie night, we think comfort is key to a good time. Here is our list of some of our favourite sleepy Halloween costumes, and how you can add your own comfy twist.

Sleeping Beauty

Let's start with the most classic sleeper. For this Halloween costume, you can either go quick and easy princess, or all out Disney. An easy Sleeping Beauty would be to wear pjs and a tiara, and stay true to Disney’s Aurora by wearing either pink or blue – or maybe even a pink top and blue bottoms! If you’re planning on staying in, try mixing this soft pink sleep set with this blue robe for added cosiness. For a more glamorous version, try this silky number, which could easily be dressed up for a night out.

Goldilocks (and the Three Bears)

An easy group costume for four people would be for one person to go as Goldilocks, and three people to be dressed in bear onesies - which also double up as pjs! The first step to getting Goldilocks right is obviously to either be born blonde, or cheat by using hair dye or a wig. Then, why not lean into the cutesie fairytale vibes by wearing this silk nightshirt? Maybe it used to be Daddy Bear’s! If you have face paints or bear masks, you could even have the whole family in stripes, with these cute silk stripe pyjamas for kids.

Any Victorian Ghost

The quickest and easiest ghost costume is just to drop a bed sheet over yourself. But in case you think that’s too simple, why not wear a white nightdress or nightshirt? Ghost is honestly the easiest Halloween costume, as ghosts are just people… but without the whole. Solid. Part. If you're capable of making yourself non-corporeal, that would be very beneficial to the whole costume. Anyway, this sleepsuit is super cute, and would make your little angel look like a real Caspar.

Mr Sandman

Think of the old song – ‘Mr Sandman, bring me a dream…’ This classic striped nightshirt would work very well for an traditional interpretation, you could even carry a wrapped present and say you’re bringing someone a dream! Or carry a small pouch of edible glitter and say it’s the sand that brings dreams. For a masculine frame, there is also this classic blue and white stripe pj set.

Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany's

A white shirt dress, aquamarine sleeping mask with false eyelashes, and an air of adorably out-of-sync competence are all you need. Instead of the nightshirt, which could either be a real nightshirt or just a very oversized men's white shirt, we're going to focus on the renowned eye mask. We have two options here: look for a mask with the eyelashes already there, or glue some long luxe lashes to the dront of the mask yourself. Either way, we have this gorgeous silk number from La Aquelle, and this Smug eye mask with golden eyelashes already in the design. If you haven't ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, you can currently stream it on NowTV.

Clara from The Nutcracker

While this does lean a little Christmassy – it’s still super fun! There are a lot of versions of Clara throughout the ballet, so a mother daughter team could be young Clara and grown-up Clara. When the story takes a turn for the magical, though, Clara is in her nightgown. But we have had a lot of nightgowns so far, and I think Clara would have appreciated a little more warmth on her adventure. Why not lean into that aspect of this traditional character and wear this traditional plush dressing gown?

Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the Darlings

I have saved the costume with the most possibilities for last! A truly Darling group costume, there are multiple ways you could play this. Either perfect for a family of five, if you wanted to go Wendy Michael and John for the kids and then George and Mary Darling for the parents – although the parents will be in the full suit and dress shebang, so maybe a bit much for a simple kids Halloween party. You could also do Peter Pan and Wendy, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, Wendy and Tinkerbell… lots of options, almost all of which can be made out of sleepwear.


For Tinkerbell, try a green slip dress, like this one, with some green slippers - you could even make pompoms for the shoes! If you're planning on staying indoors, these Kosy Sheep slippers are the perfect shape for Tink.

The Darlings

Wendy, Michael and John spend most of the play/film in their pyjamas, so for a direct costume from the Disney film, we have lots of ideas. In the Disney film, Wendy is dressed in a blue nightdress, so why not try this ethically made, mulberry silk slip, and then tie a bow around your waist. You could even add this gorgeous bow scrunchie to your hair.

For the Darling boys, Michael and John, we also have a few good options. Dress your littlest kid in this cute pink sleepsuit, and you have a perfect Michael Darling costume: - they’ll just need the bear! And for John, wear a simple oversized men’s white shirt. Or, for a feminine twist, you could wear a white night shirt like this one. You just need the top hat, glasses, and umbrella!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan has been typically shown in green – you’d have to add the leaves or feathers yourself, but for men, this might be a good starting point: Peter Pan is almost always depicted wearing leggings, like these comfy sleep leggings from Dagsmejan. And for women, who traditionally play the role of Peter on the stage, there is this gorgeous silk pyjama short set from Not Just Pajama, and the flutter sleeves really add to the playful impression that you could fly away at any moment.

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