Just like most things in life, sleeping perfectly together is a balancing act! Find the right life partner and you’ll be sharing a bed together for many years - it’s important that you make the right choices for both of you.

A Peaceful Bedroom

Lovers tiffs come and go with life’s trials and tribulations. These have no place in the bedroom - leave them at the door! Your bedroom should be a cosy cocoon, your sanctuary to retire to each evening, a place to rest and leave the stresses of the day behind you. It certainly shouldn’t be the place where tussles and fights play out because of your bedding! Bed hogs, hot bods, cold shoulders and freezing feet are not conducive to a good night sleep, let alone anything else! Neither is sleeping apart or even worse, together in the same bed under different duvets! A poll, carried out by Premier Inn, recorded that the average couple have up to 167 bedroom bickers a year. The top ten complaints include being too hot and being too cold as numbers 3 & 7 with stealing the sheets as the the biggest gripe. It’s suggested that the optimal room temperature to encourage sleep is between 15°C and 20°C. Lowering the room temperature may help some however, if you’re already feeling the cold, trying to get comfy in a cool room, balancing a duvet topped with extra blankets whilst your partner starts to roast it may not be the best start to a restful sleep. And this is the hardest part of the balancing act! Changing your duvets with the seasons, adding extra layers or removing them is great but this only works well if both you and your partner have the same body thermostat.

Get the Right Balance in Bed

They say opposites attract and all too often, under the sheets one partner is a cool cucumber wishing they could be a hot potato whilst the other is a hot dog who longing to be a cool cat! It may seem like a small thing but bringing harmony and balance to your bedding will help you achieve a better sleep. Removing the bickering over temperatures will also aid a more restful sleep. We can’t help with the snoring and young children hopping in to join you, but we can certainly help you with a customisable, all-season duvet just right for you and your partner!

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