Dry skin is for many of us, the bane of our lives. Constant itching and irritation, it often worsens during the coldest months of the year, becoming a near-persistent concern that never gets better.

I know firsthand how much dry skin can interfere with your life. Having endured dry skin for as long as I can remember, not a moment passes by when I don’t wish that there was something that could finally relieve me of the continual irritation I seem to feel on-and-around the T-zone region of my face.

Inlight Beauty are particularly well-regarded in skincare, and deserve to be so, meticulously sourcing and blending the very best of 100% organic ingredients into each of their products. Under the guidance of renowned skin expert and medical herbalist, Dr. Spiezia, Inlight Beauty maintains a strong belief in the power of natural ingredients, and the ability of 100% organic Soil Association certified ingredients to encourage radiant, clear and healthy skin.

After having experienced Inlight Beauty’s attention to providing highly-moisturising, nourishing skin products in the form of their deep moisture balm, I had very high-expectations before trying their Chocolate Mask. And despite it not being something that I would like to eat, I was not disappointed.

Upon first use, it was difficult not to notice the viscosity/thickness of the face mask. But then, containing a combination of facial oils - including argan and coconut oil - the viscosity of the mask was hardly surprising. And upon reflection, this was somewhat reassuring. After all, if you want to provide your face with a holistic form of nourishment, a thick, substantial formula, rather than a watery/thin substance is particularly well-appreciated.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt," said American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz.

Having applied an even layer of the mask over my face using my finger tips, concentrating on the most inflamed/red/dry areas of my skin (beneath my lips and surrounding my nose), I could feel the rich-but-sensitive ingredients gradually seeping into my skin over the course of the recommended 20 minutes.

Inlight Beauty recommend to remove the face mask with a soft beauty glove (well dampened with Inlight Floral Tonic) after 10-20 minutes, or with some lukewarm water. However, after several failed attempts to entirely remove the Chocolate Mask using just water, I turned to my own preferred facial wash/cleanser to remove the thick formulation from my face, before applying my preferred facial toner.

Undeniably, it does take time to get used to the Chocolate Mask. As previously mentioned, the face mask’s high-quality, oil-based ingredients can initially be quite scary, as it’s near-impossible to feel such a dense mixture and not perceive it as capable of blocking your pores and encouraging oily skin, or simply doing your face more harm than good.

Saying that however, the Chocolate Mask works to gently exfoliate the skin, without the use of harsh chemical peels or the dreaded, rough plastic micro-beads.

Moreover, as you will soon notice after using the Chocolate Mask once a week (each 25ml jar contains a minimum of 5 applications), not only will you have discovered the soothing effects of Dr. Spiezia’s unique formulation, but also, the ideal amount to use each time. The mask’s oil-based formula means that it contains a high concentration of active ingredients, and a little is all that you need for effective results. If you don’t realise that upon your first use of the product, don’t worry, you’ll figure out very soon.

Finally, the chocolate. Despite not being something you’d want to treat yourself to for a mid-afternoon snack, the face mask possesses a wonderfully simple scent - a combination of chocolate, orange and figs - making the entire process all the more enjoyable. And indeed, devoted to 100% organic ingredients, such scents derive entirely from natural contexts. The chocolate for example, is represented in cocoa seed powder sourced from Grococo in Grenada.

Luxurious and effective, nourishing and cleansing, Inlight Beauty’s Chocolate Mask should not be mistaken for the vast collection of facial masks currently available on the high street. Entirely natural, and capable of moisturising, whilst also gently exfoliating the skin, Inlight Beauty has managed to provide yet another revolutionary product, capable of saving your face from the distress of dry skin.

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